10 Asshole Cats Who Stole Dog Beds

As we all know cats are selfish and there is no doubt about it. That is exactly what this article is all about. Cats consider them self as royalty thinking that is in all their right to act and do whatever they please.

And if that means borrowing a dogs bed for their own comfort, they will go ahead and do just so. They do not care if the dog is left standing, sleepless or uncomfortable.

Reading this article just makes me love dogs even more. Although they are left without a bed they do not put up a fight as cats would probably do. That is admirable in my opinion. Although almost all of them are bigger and stronger that stay calm and wait for the feline to walk way eventually. Some with and angry face, some confused and some try to move away the cat. But none of them tries in any way to harm the cat, that is what counts.

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