10 Dogs Who Are Honestly Going Straight To Jail

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you love your pup or much time you spend teaching him to be a good boy and the importance of education.
There some dogs that will always be the way they want and do whatever they want. Is like they have no sense of right and wrong. All I know is that some of our four legged friends live only to do a new mess every single day. Well they sure I creative, I will give them that!

Lets scroll the picture below to see how big they have messed up and sent them right to the dogs jail for bad behavior.

#1 Whaat the hell? It looks like a tornado passed by and turned the place upside down.


#2 Sneaky one…After doing all this mess has the nerve to give us the “I am innocent” face.


#3 What has ever E.T done to you to deserve this kind of treatment huh? Shame on you!


#4 This one is destructive…There is not one single shoe left untouched.


#5 Oh my! What is this? Are you seriously gonna act like you have no idea whatsoever?


#6 Upsii…I swear, I just wanted to help.


#7 Hey buddy, I can see you anyways…Hided or not, does not change the fact that you are the only one responsible for this mess.


#8 You are going to jail for that. Didn’t your mum teach you that stealing is bad!


#9 This is the worst of them all…Looking proud and smiling in front of his own mess.


#10 We all think you are cute buddy…but that does not erase the fact that you did a bad thing, and you have to get punished for that.


What do you think?

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