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10 Broken Pets That Need An Instruction Manual To Be Understood

broken pets

One is not able to fully know and understand broken pets. Whether they are cats or dogs. We need to be open-minded and simply accept the fact pets are weird most of the time.

Anyone who has both a cat and a dog is lucky because these creatures are extraordinary. The combination of both is “Explosive Energy”.

We gathered some of the most hilarious and weird pictures of these floofers which would make you question their sanity. Yep, you heard that right! With that said, let’s go and check out the pictures we have in store for you today. How do you feel about the behavior of our four-legged beauties? Are they normal or completely normal?

Broken Pets

#1 “I don’t know where she put her front legs.”

Broken Pets

#2 “You need to read the instructions more carefully before assembly!”

Broken Pets

#3 “Directions are unclear, the dog’s stuck in a tree.”

Broken Pets

#4 Is this what people mean when they say their dog is broken? Asking for a friend.”

Broken Pets

#5 “Our cat, taking up 3 stairs”

Broken Pets

#6 “My dog doesn’t bite people, just shoes.”

#7 “Partial entry into the cat dimension”

#8 “Hooman, why are you standing on the lava?”

#9 “The booty was too good.”

#10 “Forgot to shut the garage before work, came home to this.”


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