10 Important Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Every dog is unique in his own way and I believe that this is something every dog owner knows. We create a special bond with our pets and have our own ways of communication.

Especially because they are so special to us, we sometimes are left wishing for them to understand us and why not, being able to communicate with them on e deeper level.

Well scientist have very good news for all of dog owners, reclaiming that dogs actually understand us way better than we have ever imagined. And especially after he has been living with you for quite a while he starts to understand your personal quirks and habits in detail.

All dogs are unique in their own way regardless of their size, age or shape they all have some universal needs they’d wish we know. And learning to understand your dogs basics needs makes you a better owner because little understanding goes a long way in any relationship.

#1 The belief that you own your dog is wrong. At least in dogs view the reality is quite different. They see you as a family member to protect and keep safe of potential threats. And just like he considers you a member aspects nothing less in return. Keep in mind that the times he/she cuddles up to you is letting other dogs know that these human has been claimed.


#2 You know how on certain days you return home to find it destroyed and a total mess. If you start to feel guilty for leaving your dog home alone way more often than you should, than you got it. That is exactly what he/she is trying to tell you. Like humans, they have needs as well and need to go on walks, exercise, play and spend quality time with their favorite human.


#3 Anxiety can be another factor behind a destroying dog behavior. Whenever you leave your dog home alone they get anxious because they are never sure whether you are coming back or not.


#4 As far as memory goes, theirs is not as strong as hours. That is why getting her/his attention right in the moment they did something wrong is the best way to make them learn from their mistakes. Because if you remember to do it later, they will simply forget what they did wrong in the first place.


#5 Although we say that dogs learn to communicate and understand us, their vocabulary isn’t that big. They learn words such as sit, no, walk etc but our vocabulary is quite expanded for a dog to remember and understand every word of it.


#6 What they do understand, is voice tone since they use it too. For example, you can tell when a dog bark is happy or a alarmed one same as your dog can tell your voice ton when it is calm or tense.


#7 They don’t really appreciate when we treat them like babies. We have to keep in mind that human babies grow up to be adults while a dog is just that a dog, and probably is already an adult.


#8 Even dogs get bored when they follow the same routine every day for quite some time. Occasional change of plans excites dogs too, and gives them something new to look forward to.


#9 Dogs are great when it comes to understand our feelings. Remember that they are great at reading voice tone and body language. Dogs see us as their leaders which means that they will start feeling whatever we are feeling.


#10 Sadly a dogs life is way shorter than ours. And for that simple reason they wish the majority of it in the company of somebody they love and loves them back of course. This means you need to put an effort on your relationship with him by spending more time with your dog even if it is just staying at home.


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