This Is Why You Should Listen To People Who Have Service Dogs

This is the story of a 16 year old girl that now relies on the help of her service dog. Once she was a dancer, student council member, violinist and at the top of her class. But with her medical condition progressing now she takes her lessons online.
She suffers from epilepsy and is depended on the help of her parents, nurses, medications and her dog Flynn. She has said that in order to get a service dog you must be disabled to a point where normal function activities become a struggle.

To prepare a dog become what we call a service dog requires two years and thousands of dollars if you hire a professional to do the training. A dog that is considered a service dog can go everywhere his handler goes with a few exceptions such as a church or specific federal buildings.

The job of a service dog and the quality of it is crucial to its human. And this is why this 16 year old girl is pleading with strangers to make them understand that it is not okay to pet her dog without her permission.


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