10 Kindest Breeds Of Dogs Around The World

Dogs are truly a blessing in a humans life. But there are specific dog breeds that live for their owner. Is like they are made to keep people company, to live in around them.

These 10 breeds below are kind, smart and compassionate.

#1 Collie dog is known, especially in Europe as friendly, clever and kind. Many years ago they were used as shepherds because of their interacting skill with other animals. They are very shy as a breed but if you are able to win they heart they will devote to you for as long as they live.


#2 The beautiful Newfoundland is largely known as a working dog. But they character is really surprising, they hardly bark and are genuinely nice and quiet. Their loyalty and their big heart makes them the perfect breed for big families.


#3 Golden Retrievers are just the perfect pet when you have kids. Their like a substitution of a nanny. Their are patient and strongly tight to their adoptive family.


#4 Labrador Retrievers on the other side, since they are very intelligent and capable to learn almost everything as a breed, they are used mainly as guide dogs. They are friendly and warm with everyone.


#5 Did you knew that Poodles can adapt to the mood of their owner? Yeah, and to different types of weathers.

all5new#6 Shelties do require a lot of time and attention but they are great at playing games with children.


#7 German Shepherds are not at all what they appear to be. They are very loyal, intelligent  and sensitive as a breed.

plush-coat-can-be-mistaken-for-short-haired-german-shepherd#8 Dachshunds are so cute with their long body and short legs. They behave like the humans. Their habits and principles are so alike with those of a human being.


#9 St. Bernards Regardless of their large size they are very calm, sweet and friendly dogs.


#10 The Australian Shepherds are so responsible and helpful with the children. Their are very intelligent and have an outstanding memory. But unfortunately they do require a lot of training and attention.


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