10 Photos That Prove That Service Dogs Make This World Just Better

Service dogs are the best of the best. If dogs are considered adorable and cute just for being dogs, service dogs are so much more than that. They help people, serve humanity, obey orders and teach us and make us wanna be a better person.

Here are 10 photos of service dogs that might make you re-evaluate your life and wonder if we really deserve them.

#1 A patient Labrador that waits quietly for his portrait to be done.


#2 Here is another one that desperately needed a break after walking for hours.


#3 This one received a honorary master’s degree for sitting through all his owner’s lessons.


#4 While on this other picture we have another one that has just fallen asleep under the desk in the middle of a class lecture.


#5 Here is a service dog meeting his cartoon idol dog, Pluto!


#6 He want’s so badly to blend in with the pack.


#7 Have you ever had a more perfect shopping companion than this dog…


#8 Aww this is how we picture the perfect dog.


#9  A service dog on a tuxedo companioning his owner on his military ball.


#10 This pooch is about to celebrate his six birthday. He has even his own personalized cake made just for him.


What do you think?

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