Here Are 10 Things That Huskies Loves To Do

Generally Siberian Huskies are working dogs by nature, which means that they need something to do in order to release the accumulated energy. And if you do nothing to entertain him, he will definitely find his own way and leave behind a big mess.

Here are some ideas that might help to entertain you Husky and spend quality time meanwhile.

#1 Make him find his own food by going treasure hunting. Stash his food in different places in the house by using your imagination. While you do this make him stay sit, and then let the hunting begin. This is a great way to stimulate his mind instead of just pouring the food on a boring bowl.

#2 Why not try the sport of agility. Is a fun way for huskies to release their agility and energy by running throw the obstacle course  but he still has to keep following your direction and keeping his mind active the whole time.

#3 Take him with you the next time you go for a jog. Especially if you are trying to lose some weight, having your Siberian with you will be nothing but help on achieving your goal. This way you will both be as healthy and happy. Just make sure to consult with your vet when is the best time for your dog to get started.

#4 Playing frisbee with your Husky in the park will be a blast for both of you. They are very prone to chase on things so this will definitely be a win.

#5 Huskies are perfect to take along on hikes. You will both enjoy the wonderful views of nature, plus fit you exercise in. Just check the trails that allow you to take your dog with.

#6 If you are surrounded by snow that would be the perfect scenario for a husky. There is also this sport called skijoring where huskies wear a harness that connects them to the person on the skis. Even if you do not have snow were you live you can still try this the urban form with skateboarding, bikejoring etc.

#7 A simple activity which actually is a must especially with Huskies, is taking them on long walks. This helps them socialize, release some build up energy.

#8 How about you try a fun way to teach your Husky how to be obediente. Train him to sit, stay, respond to your call and how to be polite while walking on the leash. Now try something new like using red and green light instead of being repetitive with the commands he has to learn. Every time he does god you can even give him a treat to make him feel special.

#9 If you have a Husky, you already know how much they love to dig. So instead of letting him destroy your back yard with all those holes why not improvise something and make it game. Fill a kids pool with sand and bury his toys in there for him to find.

#10 If you are in that stage were your Husky is already well trained what you can do is try the game hide and seek. Make him stay while you try a place to hide and them call him to come and find you. And for the times he does, give him his favorite treat cause somehow he has earned it.

What do you think?

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