10 Things Your Child Can Learn From Your Dog

Children learn from their parents and from their environment. What can we say about dogs? Do children learn things from your dog? Let’s see some beautiful things that you child can learn from your dog!

Many studies and psychologists claim that a pet like dogs can help your child’s development, in both physical and psychological aspects. Why can we say this? Here we have some good lessons that your dogs gives to your child. ( Via Cesar’s Way )

#1 Emotions and Attachment

We rarely see animals with the loyalty that a dog has. They wait for you to come home all happiness and dancing all around when they see you.

Precept:  Your child learns to express his emotions and each time that he notices that your dog gets happy when they are together your child develops strong self esteem and confidence, which are the most important things in later life especially in their puberty.

Image SourceBoy Kissing Dog

#2 Physical development

Dogs need exercise in order to express their energy and avoiding being over energetic which might cause behavioral problems.

Precept: Your child’s physical health will be improved while the dog will work as a motivation on several activities, such us, walking, playing or even swimming. Dogs help child have balance on emotions and their fitness.

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Boys Walking the dog

#3 The important role of Family

Dogs have learned to be in a pack and live in a family by respecting all other members of their family.

Precept: In the view of a dog that respects his pack your child will learn how to respect you and other members of family. He will learn to recognize your position and his position.

Image SourceThe Importance of Family

#4 Study

How can your dog help your child more than you do as studies show?

Precept: Your child will feel confident with the dog close to him and he won’t have any stress that he might feel with you.

Image Sourcedog Reading with kid

#5 Forbearance and sympathy

As your dog gets older he will need more care and attention.

 Precept: Your child will learn how to respect and help other people that might suffer from psychical problems, age or younger children.

Image SourcePatience and Compassion

#6 Socialization

Studies have shown that children who had grown up with dogs are more likely to have friends and be socialized in addition to those who haven’t.

Precept: If you want your child to be friendly and well adoptive adopt a dog! Dogs encourage your child to communicate and be friendlier.

Image SourceSocialization

#7 Association and communication

Dogs communicate non-verbally and as mothers learn better communication from their babies same your child can do, how?

Precept: Your dog teaches your child how to communicate first none verbally which is very important for their communication skills.

Image Sourcedog Association and communication with kids

#8 Confidence and trust

Some children are struggling on expressing their thoughts and feelings to you. Your dog can help!

Precept: Your child will learn to trust your dog first; he will feel comfortable with your dog and tell him his thoughts and concerns. After a while he will feel more comfortable with you too and trust you more.

Image SourceConfidence and trust

#9 Accountability and responsibility

Your dog needs a lot of care and also someone to be responsible to help him develop.

Precept: Let your child be responsible for your dog. Late him show how much he cares and make him believe that you trust him and he will learn how to care and be responsible for other things in later life.

Image SourceResponsibility

#10 Live the moment!

Dogs are animals that live their moments, they do not afraid to express to play and many time they can be funny!

Precept: your child will learn to entertain, to live the moment and to not afraid to show his emotions and feelings. He can also improve his humor! Really do dogs have humor? Very interesting question!

How has your dog helped your child be a better person and improve his skills? Tell us your opinion.

Image SourceLive the moment!

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