€10,000 release clause, private plane for his family and more: Messi’s shocking contract demands from 2020 leaked

Leo Messi’s crazy demands for his contract extension from 2020 have been leaked by El Mundo.

Here are the things the Argentine reportedly asked Josep Maria Bartomeu for.

  1. A contract for three more seasons, until 2023.
  2. A private box at Camp Nou for his and Luis Suarez’s family.
  3. A €10m bonus for the contract extension.
  4. A symbolic €10,000 release clause that would allow him to leave the club at any time.
  5. The wage cut (he agreed to one during the Covid pandemic) recovery with a 3 per cent interest rate.
  6. A private plane for the whole family during Christmas.
  7. Tax increase protection.

Bartomeu accepted all the demands except for the fourth one as he was not prepared to lower Messi’s release clause to such a small figure. Besides, the €10m bonus was conditional depending on whether Barca recover from the pandemic.

As a result, the negotiations were broken and Messi asked for an exit – remember that famous ‘burofax’ story of 2020?

These demands sound hilarious and too far-fetched. We still believe this was a way to kick Bartomeu out of the club at the time – Messi surely would not ask Joan Laporta for something like that in the summer of 2021.

What do you think?

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