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11 Events That Can Be Predicted By Huskies And Other Dogs

Events-That-Can Be Predicted By Huskies

Events That Can Be Predicted By Huskies. The ability of dogs to predict certain events is extraordinary. Have you ever seen dogs making strange reactions while there’s nothing wrong in your opinion? It has actually happened to all of us. There is no reason to be afraid, but the sensitivity of animals to different events or vibrations is at a higher level, compared to ours.

Animals relationship with nature is more natural than ours with it. For example, I have seen videos on the internet that show how dogs sense earthquakes. They start running before it happens trying to hide or go somewhere where they feel safe.

Such events are predictable by animals, dogs and mainly huskies.

Here are 11 Events That Can Be Predicted By Huskies

Be careful and listen to your dog if you are in a similar situation.

#1 Death:

The body releases certain chemicals that the dog senses and is able to understand what is happening.

Events That Can Be Predicted By Huskies

#2 Your return home:

Dogs have a high ability to smell, so they can determine your return home time.

Events That Can Be Predicted By Huskies

#3 When you leave

Your routine has trained your husky for the schedules of leaving home.

Events That Can Be Predicted By Huskies

#4 Fear:

Our body secretes adrenaline in moments of fear, a hormone easily sensitive to the smell of animals. It is not a myth that dogs smell fear.

Events That Can Be Predicted By Huskies

#5 Human emotions: Events That Can Be Predicted By Huskies

The more time your husky spends under your company, the easier it is for him to identify your emotions. Surely in difficult moments he approaches you giving you hugs or love to comfort you.

dogs predict events

#6 Epilepsy:

Some dogs including huskies are trained to understand when an epileptic seizure can occur. They meanwhile try to persuade the owner to consume the medication, or to seek help from family members.

dogs predict events

#7 Diseases:

Their distinctive sense of smell, as we said helps dogs understand if there is something wrong with our body. Many stories show that the dog sniffs in the specific area where a bad disease may be developing, mainly cancer or diabetes. So listen to your dog.

dogs predict events

#8 Pregnancy:

When a woman becomes pregnant the corresponding hormones are created and released. They are understood by your dog, who becomes your guardian angel.

dogs predict events

#9 The time of birth:

The female body also emits incomprehensible signals to humans as the moment of the baby’s birth approaches. The dog refuses to be separated from the owner a few days before the baby is born, trying to be protective.

dogs predict events

#10 Earthquakes:

Dogs, like other animals, are capable of predicting natural disasters before they occur. Before certain events dogs do a nervous behavior if they are indoors. If they are outdoors they go to safer areas.

dogs predict events
dogs predict events
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#11 Climate change:

Dogs can sense the production of metal which is realized during lightning sparks and collisions on the ground. For this reason they are frightened and seek to hide before the noise occurs.

dogs predict events

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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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