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15 Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories That Show Importance Of Adoption

Today I will talk about heartwarming pet rescue stories bringing to your attention the fantastic photos after their adoption. In my opinion, which I have expressed before, adoption is the highest form of life evaluation. A seemingly simple but complex action in experience, is the greatest achievement of man.

The protagonists of adoption can be human-human, or human-animal and they experience the strongest emotions that one can experiment. The adoptive party manages to feel their whole life transforming and changing before their eyes. While the persons / animals who are adopted by individuals experience a life change for the better where the emotions of happiness are present everywhere.

In other words: Adoption in addition to being possible and much needed for many beings on this planet is also a win-win situation for anyone involved.

Keep in mind that: For pets, getting adopted and moving into a new home can be an overwhelming experience. Further changes or reversals could upset them greatly and make their quality of life suffer. The ASPCA sheds light on these issues and proposes solutions to make this time easier.

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories

#1 Can’t get over it. Could do this all day

#2 OMG I’m so emotional about my new life. I smile because I’m happy

#3 I fell safe and I love my life

#4 My heart is melting. There’s nothing purer than kids and dogs friendship

#5 I still can’t believe they adopted me. I’M So exited and loved. Thank you mom/dad

#6 Because I’m happy and thankful to my humans

#7 Happy puppy, playing with his favorite toys

#8 This behavior says more than any word

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories

#9 Protecting her own

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories

#10 This smile is everything

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories

#11 Living her best life. She is a beautiful flower

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories

#12 Twins and happy

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories

#13 You know they are safe when they sleep like this

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories

#14 Looks like he is giving thanks to his humans

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories

#15 Big doggo is baby at heart

Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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