3 Cows Stranded After New Zealand Earthquake Are Rescued

3 Cows Stranded After New Zealand Earthquake Are Rescued

An earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude stroke New Zealand on an early morning. Due to the strong impact on the land, it swallowed the earth every here an there. As the video below shows two adult cows and a calf were trapped on a small ‘island’.

It still remains unknown for the authorities if the cows are part of a larger herd or even who they belong to. They were found as the local authorities were searching the area through air to see the damages and inform about the situation. They still have no concrete plan about the rescue of the cows or how long have they been trapped there but they sure are working on it.

Until know two people result dead as a result of the earthquake. For the moment all authorities are focused to find and safe human lives since they have not finished counting them yet. As the local police declared, if farmers and emergency services work together they can certainly manage to rescue the three trapped cows.

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