Adorable Puppy Meets The Family Cat For The First Time

Your house can turn in a constant war zone when you own a cat and a dog at the same time. But that is not always the cause. It is slightly more difficult if the dog becomes part of the family after. Cats require attention all the time, and if suddenly someone new comes in the family and gets that attention away from her, thinks will not look good.

So it all comes down to the ability of the owner to manage and educate them to go well with each other. And while the time passes you get to see your hard work giving results.  You get to see your beloved pets go from enemies to best friends, all thanks to your effort.

We brought to you an adorable video where this guy presents the new puppy to the family cat. It is funny but I also petty the poor pup who tries so hard being warm and friendly to the gets ignored every single time.

For entire months the puppy goes way and beyond to feel accepted from the cat. They are siblings now and they showed start acting as so. He jumps and barks trying to get closer with the cat. When finally after weeks the cat starts to change her attitude towards the pup.

As the video comes to an end, is like there is another cat in there. She starts keeping very close the pup and finally allowed him into her heart. Now he even reveals his belly to the dog for snuggles.

Cats are widely known for their egoist nature. They mostly prefer to be left alone but in this case although he does not have the same energy level as the pup goes out of his comfort zone to play and snuggle with that adorable creature.

What do you think?

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