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Shelter Builds Private Cottages For Dogs, Because Animals Shouldn’t Live In Cages

Private cottages for dogs

Today we will talk about Private cottages for dogs shelter in Oregon. They managed to create a loving environment for the dogs that live there. First I want to point out the fantastic environment created especially for mens best friend. With an area of 55 acres, puppies live in nature surrounded by trees, long alleys and hiking trails. An environment created especially for their physical and mental well-being. Secondly it is worth mentioning the fact that this project is more focused on Pit bulls. 

Private Cottages For Dogs

But that is not all. The spaces are intertwined in a way that pit bulls enjoy their nature and freedom. Each cottage has indoor and outdoor space that each pup gets to him or herself. The rooms are built according to the right standards, meeting the standard of living. There are rooms which are decorated with paintings and additional accessories to give more color to this living environment.

Private Cottages For Dogs

Private Cottages For Dogs

While waiting to be adopted to become a member of a family, these puppies grow up with love. They enjoy each other’s company and the environment for as long as they can. So dear people, I think this is the right way what an animal shelter should look like.

Private Cottages For Dogs

Enjoy the Private Cottages For Dogs. 


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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