The best way to find out the real breed of your dog is DNA home testing. Here are its benefits

dog DNA testing

Nowadays finding out the real breed of your dog is super duper easy. I didn’t knew about this method until recently, and I think you guys should know about it too. This method is for everyone who has adopted a dog from the shelter or the streets, and in order to take care correctly for the dog, you need to know its breed. Basically what you do is that you go ahead and buy online a DNA home testing kit, follow its instructions, complete the test and then send it back via U.S mail. Here is a link where you can find different Dog DNA testing kits online.

The test instruction are really easy to follow because no vet is required, no blood, or hair needs to be pulled out from your dog. What you do is that you simply swab the inside of your dog’s mouth using the large swab included in the kit. After you are done, you place the swab inside a holder, mail the package and you will be receiving the results in 4-6 weeks.

The benefits of the DNA home testing are some of the following:

1- To better understand your pet’s personality!

2- To feed your dog in the proper way!

3- To get insights about the different activities your dog needs on the daily basis.

4- To better take care of your pet’s health!

5- To better identify potential health risks!

In the following video you will see a case when a couple adopted a dog, and wanted to find out its real breed. They thought that the dog they had was a German Shepherd, based on its appearance, but truth is that the dog was not even a German Shepherd mixed.

Source: Dogs.thefuntimesguide

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