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The toad poisoning did not affect the happiness of this adorable Golden Retriever. Oh My Gosh!!!

Just recently, a delightful Golden Retriever named Odette had an unfortunate toad incident. For all of you who don’t know already; a toad incident can cause really serious health problems for your pet. Some of its signs are:

  • severe irritation to the eyes and nose.
  • extremely dark pink or red gums.
  • foaming at the mouth.
  • staggering, weakness or collapse.
  • difficulty breathing.
  • seizures

Unfortunately in some cases a toad poison can even kill another animal. But that is not the case with Odette. As soon as the dog had a contact with the toad, they gave her medications. It takes a little while for the dog to get back to normal because this is how her face looks like:


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