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Cats And Dogs: Best friends or deadly enemies? Photos Of Notorious Cats On Which Dogs Lack Nerves

cats and dogs

Dogs that are resigned with their position in the house. Although cats and dogs are known to be sworn enemies, the truth is quite different. Coexistence between them is possible, and nothing to worry about. Even if there are moments of fight between your pets, trust me after a while they will get used to each other.

Today we will take a look at the extraordinary reactions of dogs to the arrogant behaviors of cats. You will see completely human reactions in the dog’s body.
That’s why our relationship is so close, we do the same behaviors. Lol.

#1 No matter how big you are, cats will always win

#2 Cats will fight everyone, They don’t care

#3 I can feel his pain, he is being vocal about his own rights

#4 Can I even put my paw on?

#5 The dog won, but for some reason it seems that it will not be long!

#6 Okay you can have our bed, the carpet is better just so you know

#7 Watch and learn human, I command you and your family, Just look at your dog

#8 We are still friends, aren’t we

cats and dogs

#9 You can have my bed, but still i’m not happy about it

cats and dogs

#10 I need my stuff back. The bed is mine, and I want it right back

cats and dogs

#11 My dog complaining to me why the cat took his property.

cats and dogs

#12 Mom do you think she stole my bed?

cats and dogs

#13 At least one dog is in peace with his cat

cats and dogs

#14 What’s mine is mine and I won’t move

cats and dogs


What do you think?

Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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