Couple adopts shelter cat and here is how kitty transformed in one hour

This cat was considered the saddest cat on the Internet. It is horrible to even write about it, but this same kitten had his days counted because he was waiting in a shelter to be euthanized.

He had a crushed spine, a what is called cauliflower ear as well as several deep lecerations.


One theory is that the poor thing might have suffered an attack from a big animal.


The excess skin on his face gives him the sad expression everyone sees in him.


The cat was so depressed, he didn’t eat or drink anymore. Somehow he felt his life was about to end very soon and had given up totally.


Everything changed when a wonderful woman decided to adopt him. Actually she worked at the ER vet clinic and the adoption became final the same day the cat was scheduled for the euthanization.


Minutes after taking him to what will be his forever home he started to transform.


He became quite more enthusiastic, more smiley and full of purrs.


He finally felt safe and protect in the arms of his new owner. The nightmare was over.


After he was diagnosed by the vets, they concluded that the cat could no longer walk due to his medical conditions.


Not only does he walk now, but he runs and even jumps in small distances.


From the saddest cat, he became happy and filled with life.


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