This Dog Was Living Under A Shopping Cart, But She Wasn’t Exactly Alone

A stray dog was seen living under a shopping cart, so the person who so her called the animal rescue organization ‘Rescue From The Hart’. He leaved nearby and had been giving her food and water for a while. Once they were informed about the living conditions of this dog they set out to help her. Little did they knew that once they would arrive there a surprise waited for them.
This organization has been operating since 2014 and with the help of volunteers, donations and social media they have been able to rescue stray dogs from the streets by finding them loving homes to live in.

a-stray-dog-living-under-a-shopping-cart-had-a-big-surprise-for-her-rescuersOnce the rescuers arrived they used treats to gain her trust. As they got closer, they noticed she was pregnant. What a surprise!

a-stray-dog-living-under-a-shopping-cart-had-a-big-surprise-for-her-rescuers1As it turned out mamma to be was a very sweet dog and quite friendly as well.


Now she was in good hands. Her rescuers will take good care of her and her newborn babies.

a-stray-dog-living-under-a-shopping-cart-had-a-big-surprise-for-her-rescuers3And than, just weeks later she went into labor.

a-stray-dog-living-under-a-shopping-cart-had-a-big-surprise-for-her-rescuers4Patiently she gave birth to all her pups one by one and licked them clean.

a-stray-dog-living-under-a-shopping-cart-had-a-big-surprise-for-her-rescuers5It did not take long, for the new mamma to nurse her five newborn pups.


Here’s the video where her rescue is captured and how life went on for this proud mother.

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