10 Dogs Who Are Really Sad About Their Cones Of Shame

Husky Isn’t Happy With Mom After Spending All Day At The Vet

The use of cons on our pups is necessary when they medically need one. But although its purpose is to help them, they seem to hate it. You don’t need words to understand how dogs feel about cones. Just by looking at their cute faces you can tell how ashamed and sad they are for being obliged to put up with it.

Check out these 10 hilarious pictures of dogs with the cone of shame.

#1 Hang on there buddy…Is just a matter of days.

#2 You poor thing…That cone is definitely way to big for you.


#3 He is so mad at himself for ending up with a cone on his neck.

#4 I don’t even know where I’m going with this thing on. I keep tripping every where I go.


#5 Yeah we get it buddy…you hate having to put on with that cone. It will all be over very soon.

#6 Those wrinkles on his face show exactly how much he dislikes being on a cone.


#7 Although bulldogs always look grumpy, it is obvious that this one is grumpier than usual and we all know why.

#8 Spending even a few hours with the cone on feels like eternity let alone having to put up with it for days.


#9 Yeah you got it right puppy…The best thing to do while on the cone is sleep it off.

#10 Too many days have gone by wearing the cone and he just can not take it anymore…

This adorable husky had to spend the entire day at the veterinarian, and he wasn’t afraid to show his owner that he was not happy about it.

cone of shame
Cone of Shame

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