Dog rides the bus alone to the park

Just like human’s, dogs also appreciate public transportation. Please allow me to introduce you the amazing two-year old black Labrador named Eclipse. She lives in Seattle, and is almost becoming a celebrity now little by little. If you are wondering what has this beautiful dog done, take a moment and watch this picture. Do you see anything strange? Is it normal for a dog to be on a bus alone?

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Eclipse is a special dog. Her owner and she, go to the park almost every day in the afternoon. When her owner is late, or he is busy, Eclipse goes to the park herself. Since she has taught the road to the park perfectly, when she is alone she takes the bus to the park. To her it is more than normal to get in the bus, ride a couple of stations, and to get off at the dog park.

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Confident about her attitude, quietly Eclipse sits on the benches of Seattle buses, and enjoys the ride. She likes to be quiet and to watch the road, the buildings, and the beautiful view the drive offers her. She is too busy doing her thing, which is the major reason she learned the road perfectly, that she does not pay attention to the people around her. She does not know that to others she is special. All the bus drivers know her pretty much and to them she is just like the regular citizens. On the other hand she is a delight to others who have never seen her before. Little by little she is became popular to her hometown, and now all United States knows about her.

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The well-mannered dog is owned by Jeff Young. He does not seem to be such a freak, and he is enjoying all the attention his life-buddy is getting these days. He confessed a couple of days ago for some local radios and newspapers that this all started one day when he would take Eclipse to the dog park. He was smoking a cigarette, and since he was getting late and the two-year old Labrador was getting bored from waiting on him, she just got in the bus. Ever since the dog has done the same for a couple other times. Everyone who sees her, enjoys the way Eclipse handles herself just like a human. People confessed that she takes a sit, and tries to entertain herself with the outside view until she gets at the park. Day after day the Labrador is getting new fans who not only enjoy her presence, but also try to get a picture with the newest Celebrity in the town. For many her presence is a delight, and commuters just get happier by what this wise, trained, careful, beautiful dog does.

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