10 Dog Tricks Renamed That Will Make Your Pup Look Like A Genius

Why do dogs wag their tails

How about some dog tricks renamed? We are familiar with the usual dog training commands we use. Anyone who has a dog uses them as the easiest way to communicate with their puppies. Sit, come, jump or talk are some of the most common commands we use to complement our communication with dogs.

Change the dog command game by replacing it with modern terms. This way your time together will be more fun and at the same time your dog will be considered a genius of modern times.

How hilarious would it be! Think about it, you asking your dog a strange command, while he is performing it without any problem. Really magical. Maybe if u add a little bit of creativity to the commands name your pup would obey them more. Here are 10 renamed Dog Tricks.

#1 What if instead of using“Smile” use “Shark Out!”dog tricks renamed

#2. How about using “Reach For The Sky!”  instead of“Paws Up!” Dog Tricks Renamed

#3. Instead of “Smile” use “Shark Out!”dog tricks renamed

# 4. Its cooler to use “Nice To Meet You” instead of tricks renamed

#5. An other nice idea is to use “Scary Movie Time!” instead of “Shame” .dog tricks renamed

#6. Instead of  using “Crawl” use “Special Forces!”dog tricks renamed

#7. Instead of using “Circle” use “Do Si Do.” dog tricks renamed

#8. A good idea is to use“Meet the Queen”  instead of “Bow”. 

new names for tricks

#9. I bet that Game of Thrones fans will like this :  Instead of “Play dead” use “Jon Snow.” new names for tricks

#10. Instead of “Roll Over,” use “Sushi Time.” new names for tricks

#11. Instead of “Shake” use “The Taylor Swift.”new names for tricks

#12. Instead of “Beggar” use “Prairie Dog.” new names for tricks

#13. Instead of “Hop” use “Walk It Out.” new trick names

#14. Don’t say “Whisper” say “Indoor Voice.” new trick names

#15. Use “Beep Beep” Instead of “Back Up”rename tricks


What do you think?

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