9 Dog breeds closely related to Wolves

Siberian Husky - "relation to wolves"

National Geography did a study recently. They wanted to find out which Dog Breeds are most closely related to Wolves. In the study participated 414 dogs from 85 different dog breeds. According to them, dogs have descended from wolves and other wild canids, therefore they kind of are still related to each-other. Many dog breeds still have their primitive looks and temperaments today still. Below I will list 9 dogs closely related to Wolves  nowadays.

1- Shih Tzu

Originates from China in 800BC, looks nothing like a Wolf, but it is considered to be the closest dog breed related to Wolves!

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2- Pekingese

Just like the Shih Tzu, this dog breed originates from china. It is considered to be one of the least divergent from its ancestors.

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3- Samoyed

Its looks make him more believable to his wild ancestors. They are social but primitive. Used for sledding, or reindeer herding still nowadays.

Samoyed - Wolf-Like Dog Breeds

4- Tibetan Terrier

Just like its name shows this dog breed comes from Tibet. They have been kept as true purebred dog in its Native countries for over 2000 years.

Tibetan Terrier

5- Siberian Husky

This nordic dog breed is still used for sledding. They are closely related to Wolves; even though through the years they have changed genetically!

Siberian Husky - "relation to wolves"

6- Shar- Pei

Just like any other Chinese dog breed they are ancient. Even though in their appearance they have nothing to do with Wolfs, genetically they are closely related to Wolves.

shar pei

7- Basenji

Basenji is a medium -sized dog that originates from Africa. Just like any other wild dog, or wolf, Basenji is well-known for yodeling not barking!

Basenji: "purest dog breeds"

8- Shiba Inu

It is the smallest dog from the Japanese dog breeds. They are very ancient, and used to hunt small animals like birds or rabbits!

purest dog breeds

9- Akita

It is very similar to Shiba Inu, because they come from similar dog breeds. They are ancient also, and very similar to their wild ancestors. They are closely related to Wolves in appearance also!

ancient dog breeds

Source: Iheartdogs

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