10 Dogs Playing Dead Just To Avoid Bath Time

10 Dogs Playing Dead Just To Avoid Bath Time

It is so bizarre seeing how much dogs in general hate the water when it is bath time, while for us humans is the most relaxing thing ever. It is funny how perspectives change from different points of view.

Despite their sharp noses they have no concept what so ever of what is a bad or a good smell. And therefore feeling ashamed of their own body smell when they stink is a non known term from them. What we find funny and have brought up with different home videos made by their dog owners is how they are able to come up with numerous attempts just to avoid taking a bath. While some run and hide, others think that playing dead is a way better approach.

Is this a successful strategy? Well, you have to click on the videos below to see what happens at the end of each one of them. Dogs are truly unique on as are their reactions on the videos.

#1 This is how this pup tries to avoid bath time. By playing dead!

#2 He plays dead, and his humans decide to carry him to the bathroom. His strategy failed.

#3 Although she tried it all, there was no escape from it. It was bath day!

#4 Trying to be cute and playful to avoid taking the bath might save you once and that’s it.

#5 At least he can handle the pressure. It must not be easy having all those people around telling you to do something you hate, like taking a bath.

#6 It is amazing how quite and peaceful he became after he heard the word ‘bath’ and so the shampoo. I am afraid there is not way out of it.

#7 Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time And Does Everything To Avoid It! huh!

#8 This is the best and most adorable pup that has ever played dead. Looks like she fell asleep for really by staying still for so long.

#9 Seeing this dogs being dragged to the bathroom makes you wonder what is it about baths that make dogs hate them so much.

#10 I would appreciate it if you’d stop saying the word bath and keep rubbing my belly.

What do you think?

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