10 Pictures That Shows How Dogs Will Look Like With Eyebrows

If you have ever wondered how dogs look with eyebrows on we have 10 dogs that were drawn eyebrows on to them. After the make over they end up looking completely ridiculous. They do not have eyebrows for a reason, so why try and force a pair on them, lol.

Some dogs looked like insanely mad and angry while others ended up looking inquisitive. Anyways, we had a lot of fun trying this experiment and we hope you will enjoy it too.

#1 Please don’t look at me like that.

#2 He probably wants to play fetch.

If dogs Would Have Eyebrows

#3 He knows whats up.

If dogs Would Have Eyebrows

#4 He seems like such a good boy.

If dogs Would Have Eyebrows

#5 ‘Don’t stop now!”

If dogs Would Have Eyebrows

#6 Did he see a ghost?

If dogs Would Have Eyebrows

#7 He is angry that you didn’t feed him on time!

funny husky face

#8 Tape on eyebrows are all the rage nowadays.

#9 And this dog is doing it right.

#11 “OMG Is that what I think it is!?”

Source: RearFront

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