Everyone Gave Up On This Slaughterhouse Puppy, Then One Woman Stepped In And Incredible Transformation Happened

This puppy wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for the kind English teacher in China that runs a animal rescue organization. When she heard about the puppy being rescued from a slaughterhouse meat truck, she knew that something had to be done about it.

When they first got the pup they found that she suffered from CCV intestinal disease. And except her condition, she also had fungus all over her skin.

The poor thing kept scratching herself all the time, and if it weren’t for the clothes they wore her she would keep doing it all day, that is how itchy it felt.

An extreme anemia and calcium deficiency caused her extreme bowing and weakness in legs.

And if these weren’t enough she swallowed a plastic window sucker and had to go through a surgery to get it removed.

To her luck she grow up to be a very healthy dog. Now she is strong and just adorable.

All we have to do is give these puppies a chance whenever we can cause there is always hope for these kind of cases.

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