We have been greeting dogs the wrong way forever. Here is how it should be done…

greeting dogs

Many people think that they are dog experts and they know everything about dogs. But it turns out that we all have been greeting dogs the wrong way for, well forever. I am one of those people too, to think that dogs love to be pet, spoiled or even kissed, but guess what, noooo. Dogs have a personal space of their own, and they don’t like it when strangers approach and start acting like family. You all should know that dog love to be around people, but we should always be gentle and patient enough to let them do the first move.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that dogs don’t like it when people act nice towards them, it is just that they need you to give them a little bit of space at the beginning. These creatures are very sensitive, and they might feel overwhelmed by the idea that some total strangers want to treat them the same way their family does. Be patient, try to let them get familiar for a couple of seconds and instantly the dog will start “begging” you to pet him and kiss him, and hug him.

In the following illustration, you will be able to learn all the do’s and the don’ts when you first get to meet a dog. As I said, dogs want to feel safe before they let anyone approach them. That is the reason why some dogs might bite you because they feel threatened by you, not because they are mean and vicious. I hope you enjoy the following illustration as much as I did, and please remember to keep these advices in mind.

Credit: Lili Chin

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