10 Ways to Help Your Dog’s Allergy Symptoms

Dog Allergy Symptoms. As we all know allergies are a very common problem in animals and further in dogs. Same as people, dogs can have a variety of allergy symptoms. Some dogs have allergy to a certain kind of food, others have allergic problems depending on the season. However there are some ways that you can help your dog with symptoms of different allergies.

#1 Keep your dog clear!

One the most often allergies in dogs is environmental allergies which might include dust and pollen. If you keep your dog clean by bathing him with shampoos and conditioners it will protect his skin and coat. However if the idea of bath looks a bit strange, you can clean your dogs feet and legs before he enter to your house, this will also be helpful for your dog.

#2 Start an elimination diet!

It is true that dogs have rarely allergies to food, but sometimes it does happen. In that case, you should talk with your veterinarian and decide if your dog needs to start an elimination diet. What an elimination diet is?

An elimination diet is when you feed your dog with hypoallergenic ingredients. You add new ingredients all the time until you notice an allergic reaction in your dog. Usually dogs have an allergy to beef, corn and soy. You have to be very careful with this because any amount of the ingredients that your dog has an allergy might cause big problems.

#3 Feed him moist food.

Usually allergies can cause problems to your dog’s skin, in order to avoid these kinds of problems it would benefit if you feed him with moist food. If you feed your dog with home cooked food you have to feed him more water filled foods than those who use moist food to feed their dogs.

#4 Prevent passive smoking

Like people same dog can be affected by smoke. Smoke causes problem with their nose, lung and their skin also, Smoke can also irritate their coat. In order to protect your dog’s skin you should eliminate it or you should not smoke in the same environment.

#5 Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can help your dog’s environment by keeping it clear. It removes the dust and the irritants and it helps your dog relief from allergies.  When all these problems in the environment are removed we can control our dog’s reactions much easier and help him feel more comfortable.

#6 Change your cleaning products

We all know that cleaning products that are toxic can cause health problems both to people and pets. You should not use these products and even if you use them you should keep your dogs away from that environment. Usually the toxic products last more than you think in the environment and they can cause allergic reactions to your dog.

#7 Use Flea prevention

The Flea is a medical ailment that causes a lot of health problems for your dog. The reactions that your dog can have usually are sores and welts on his skin or hair loss. You should use flea prevention in order to protect your dog being exposed to the pests and have an allergy.

#8 Feed your dog with fish oils.

Fatty acid can be very beneficial for your dog. They keep your dog’s skin very soft and moisturized. They also work as an anti-inflammatory to destroy any symptom that your dogs might have.

#9 Feed probiotics

Probiotics can prevent allergies that developed from the time that they are little puppies. They can help your other supplements to work better for your dog’s allergies.

#10 Keep your home clear!

The last advice in order to help your dog prevent his allergies is by cleaning your house. Like People with allergies keep their house clear same your dog needs a clear house or environment. In that way flea and environmental allergies can be prevented.

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