Homeless man saves a homeless dog from drowning

I have always said that those who have the least, have the most. I have witnessed many cases when homeless people have rescued, saved, or helped stray dogs from getting hurt. I guess this happens because homeless people can better understand the life of a stray dogs. Pretty much these two parties go through the same. They don’t have a shelter, they have to search their food from everywhere, and they are always discriminated from the rest of the society.
I would like to say that I wish people were more like this man in this video. We are very selfish, and we never do something, if we don’t get something in return. This is how most of us perceive life. I am not saying that there is something wrong with it, I don’t agree with people who never do something good. We should always help those who are less fortunate. We all have to remember: What comes around, goes back around. So we have to do good, in order to have a good life.

I am guessing his poor homeless man in Columbia volunteered to help the stray dog who fell into an open sewer drain. As soon as this man saw the dog falling, he didn’t hesitate to get into the drain and help the dog from drowning. He went inside, got the dog, and got out. It is that easy to save a life. I don’t get these people who always tend to gather around watching. It is so sad to think that these people can’t think of a way how to contribute. I don’t know how to call them, but intelligent people act immediately beauce in these cases there is no time.  That dog could have drowned it the homeless man did not react. The rest could have stared, or passed by like nothing happened!

Source: Heroviral

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