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This Pit-Bull could not walk, then he got this present. (Heartmelt)

Roscoe is a Pit-Bull who is already a star now at the Asheville Humane Society. From what we found out Roscoe was born with some problems in him legs. The problem it had, make it impossible for him to walk normally. Even though he could not walk normally, it doesn’t mean that he had to give up walking. Like any good dog, Roscoe didn’t let it get him down. As the rescuers at the Asheville Humane Society say, he always tried, and struggled. He never let himself down. What helped him more overcome his disability was his positivity. Then some wonderful people at the Humane Society wanted to give Roscoe the best present ever for the holidays: new legs!

Roscoe had to go through a surgery to fix the ligaments and the problems in his wrist. Once these two major problems that didn’t allow him to walk are fixed, Roscoe will be able to walk like a normal dog. It will take him a little bit of time, but time will fly and before we know this superstar will walk like never again.

Right after the surgery the Pit-Bull starts practicing. I know that the beginning is a little bit difficult, but I can tell that really soon he will be running around like never before. You can tell by his face expression after the surgery how happy he is. Looks like he knows what has happened. He feels it in his heart. He is able to feel that he is able to walk now, and he could not be any happier than that!  In the end this is the greatest gift they could have ever given him. Nothing would have made him happier. Now he is going to be just like any other dog. Please share this beautiful video with your loved ones. 

Source: Heroviral

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