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10 Dogs who are absolutely heartwarming, and real heroes!

In my opinion dogs could be called more than just animals. They are intelligent, trainable, sweet, kind, gentle, and very loving creatures. In this post you will se that apart from being all what I said above, dogs are the ones to save the day sometimes. They can be real life heroes just because they have the warmest heart, and the most beautiful soul. Take a look at the pictures below, and find out what did these 10 dogs do.
1- This pug was born with no eyes. Because of the great personality he has, a family adopted him, and registered him as a service dog. He makes such an amazing service dog right? 


2- This is Kilo the Pit-Bull. One day Kilo decided to save his owner and take a bullet just to save his house from a robber. Thank you Kilo for your contribution! amazing-dogs-16

What do you think?

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