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10 Dogs who found their forever homes in 2015

I would like to take the time and share with your some of the adoptions of last year. For shelter dogs, finding forever homes is like winning the Power Ball. If they get adopted, then their life changes completely. They live in a new house, they have their own bed, they have food, toys to play with, and most importantly, a family. Shelter dogs get the attention they had never gotten before, and their family take really good care of these dogs. i want you to know that these are not the only adoptions of 2015, but these are 10 of the hundreds of dogs who found a forever home during 2015. i wish you all get a little bit inspired by the pictures below, and if you don’t have a dog yet, then don’t hesitate to adopt one.

1. Spokey- This [Before and After] is everything. Look at that big smile you guys.

forever home

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