10 Funny pets that totally act as if they were humans… LOL

Have you ever thought that your pet acts like a human sometimes? The way pets sleep, lay down, stare out the window, cover their eyes and so on, make them look as if they were humans sometimes. Whomever has a pet, already knows that there is nothing like the way your dog looks at you when you are eating, and if they could speak, they would say: “How heartless are you for not giving me some?” I can say that because of their facial expression. Well trust me the pictures you will see below are far more than just a facial expression. Enjoy…

1- “So this is how you do it, or do I need to take some classes to be able to play the way you do?”human1

What do you think?

She was dealing with an abuse by taking breathtaking pics of her dog…

Siberian Huskies Playing Catch