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2 Women Found A Dog Living In A Junkyard But When They Scanned Its Microchip… WOW

The poor think took off about two years ago the day his family went throw a car accident. Apparently the scene left him a trauma that made him walk far away from his house. His legs took him to a junkyard many miles away from home. There he was spotted by two women, that as much as they tried could not catch him. Being unable to capture and rescue him, they kept coming back to the junkyard to feed him up to three times a day.
It took them almost 13 months to catch the dog, after building a sort of cage that helped them save him. After being able to hold and touch him, they noticed a microchip. After scanning it they were able to track down his real owners. The reunion ended up in tears of joy for having they sweet dog back.

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