9/11 Last Living dog in his sweet 16!

Her name is Bretagne and she used to serve in the USA. She was assigned the task of searching for people inside the Twin Towers right after the explosion in 9/11. “When our taskforce arrived in ground zero, I just couldn’t believe the magnitude of it. Then I looked down to her and she seemed stoked and ready to work.” “She is a 16-year-old now, but when you are around water with her, she acts like a young puppy,” said Corliss. 1 Hotel Central Park, which hosted the party, also donated $1,000 to Texas Task Force 1, which trains K-9 first responder dogs like Bretagne.
Bretagne is a Golden Retriever, who used to work as search-and-rescue. When 9/11 happened, she became a here because of her contribution. She is the Last Living search-and-rescue dog from 9/11, and people really appreciate her impact. When she arrived in New York for her 16th birthday, a birthday party was all planned out for her sweet 16. 


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