A donkey and a wolf start a really unlikely friendship. Here is the truth…

The most unexpected thing happened in Albania, a South-Eastern European country, a little while ago. In a mountain village a donkey and a wolf started a really unlikely friendship. Everything started when the residents captured a living wolf. Even though wolves are one of the most dangerous animals known to humanity, the villagers decided to keep the wolf in one of their pens. We still don’t know the reason why they decided to do so, but they did. Since they had no food for the wolf, they decided to put a donkey in the pen, so the wolf would enjoy a life delicacy like never before. But what happened with the two of them, left everyone speechless.

Here is the wolf and the dog sharing a pen together. As many would have thought, the wolf was going to eat the donkey, but the thing is he didn’t. Villagers showed that once the donkey was inside the pen with the wolf, the two of them started getting along. 

donkey and the wolf1

Some of you might have thought that the “getting along” thing lasted for a couple of hours, but that is not true. The two of them became instant friends. The duo interacted creel for days, and the villagers could not understand what was happening with the tow of them. 

donkey and the wolf2

When the government heard the story, they decided to step in and set the wolf free in its natural environment. But that was worthless. Even though they set the wolf free, he kept coming back and visit the donkey time after time. At least that is what the villagers said. We have no living proof of that, but we can understand that anything could happen with animals. They start really unlikely friendships, and keep them for as long as they can. We hope these two friends have a happy story, and beautiful memories together. 

donkey and the wolf3

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