After Being Adopted This Dog Goes To His Favorite Restaurant Every Day

These poor homeless puppy was skin and bones only when he got adopted by a sweet young woman. He was used to eating whatever he could find while now he gets in the most prestigious restaurants in town.
At the beginning his current owner was not sure about his adoption because she already had a house full of pets but seeing the poor pup starving, dirty she decided to take him home forever since no one else wanted him.

And he sure made his own place in the house quite fast. The couple fell in love with him right away.

Since his cuteness is undeniable, the owner and a friend of hers came up with the idea to create him an Instagram account. The owner already loved taking photos at beautiful dishes while dinning out so they tried to include the pup in them as well. Doing so they noticed he was very well behaved around food. He stays quite and does not lunge for the food like many other dogs would do. What he enjoys the most is to be out.

Now this cutie is quite a hit on social media. He has reached 108k followers on Instagram. And who can blame them, once you see 2-3 pictures of him you are already obsessed wanting more and more. Here are some of his cutest poses.


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