He almost died in the freezing waters of a lake, but this is what his life looks like now…

A couple of weeks ago ago a dog had fallen in the Lake Michigan off Racine’s marina. It was really cold and the waters of the lake reached 35 °F. It is really terrible to think that the poor animal had to struggle to stay alive until a woman named Jennifer Pluta called the police. Fortunately the police arrived in time, rescued the dog from the freezing waters of the Lake Michigan, and took him at the Humane society. Once they received the dog, they decided to call him Michigan after the lake. They waited for one week to see if anyone would show up and pick the dog, but since no one did, then they put the dog up for adoption.

Brenda Thompson’s was the lucky one who got accepted as the one who had all it takes to adopt Michigan. In an interview for NBC she said:

“After I saw your story on TV, I threw on some clothes and rushed to the humane society. I came back every day since I saw that story. I thought Michigan was beautiful, and obviously was strong and determined to survive. The first thing I’m going to do is take him on a nice long walk. His bed is all made up. He’s got brand new bowls and toys waiting for him. He’s good to go. I think this is the beginning of a great friendship.”

Michigan will have another friend at his new home, a black lab, whom Brenda rescued after Hurricane Katrina. We wish this beautiful family a great, happy, healthy life.  The best is yet to come, and they will create  the most beautiful memories together.

Source: Diply

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