This Creative Owner Drew Portraits Of His 7 Dog Family

Although he was raised in a family that was more found of cats, he says that he always know that although he loved the cats at home, he was more into dogs. And during his whole childhood he dream on having his own family of dogs one day.
And when it finally happened for him, he wanted to capture all the memories he made with them along the years. For that reason he started drawing all the adventures they did together on his blog. Beside the drawings he expresses how happy he is with his dogs and how much fun and incredible they all are.

After a friend gave him the idea to draw portraits of his dogs, he started working on it using Photoshop and a digital tablet. And after three days of work and devotion the drawing were ready.

This is Katie, the Alaskan Husky…she is full of energy and very funny as well.


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