Cutting down trees would make dogs act like this:

This photo gives a hint of what will happen in the future. Since we all know that Global Warming is one of the most sensitive tragedies happening in the XXI century, these dogs are trying to make people aware of its damages. If we keep cutting trees down, then in a couple of years we will have half of the trees we have nowadays, and it will be a disaster. The shortage of the oxygen trees release in the air would cause a lot of trouble , and for the animals it would be a disaster too. The habitat chains will be a total chaos, and a lot of animals like poultry, reptile, insects etc will disappear because their lifestyle will change drastically. In this funny photo dogs are trying to ironize nowadays culture. People don’t appreciate nature, and the blessing we have because of it, but instead try to destroy it as much as they can. If we all don’t increase awareness of the real problems in this world, then we might as well stay in line when we take out boys for a walk because there will be not enough trees for them to do their personal business!

global warming

Source: StarPulse

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