Terrier Boston puppy loves his food

In my opinion dogs are extremely attached to their belongings. Starting with their now space, their clothes, their toys, and their food. If you touch their food, then you two will be enemies for a long time. All they want to do is eat, and eat, and eat. So if you want to be friendly with a dog, then give them something to eat. This tiny Terrier Boston has the most amazing reaction regarding his food obsession. Since the feels threatened by the other housemates, he decided to carry his food around the house until he finishes it! The way he carries his food bowl around the house, trying to find a secure spot to eat peacefully, is absolutely hilarious. I mean he is just a tiny Terrier Boston, and yet he is highly strategic in his decisions. I guess he is just trying to have a calm meal on his own, and why not thinking of sneaky ways to eat the food of the others. I can see ya little buddy. If you don’t want the others to eat your food, then you should start doing the same right?

Source: ViralNova

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