This Dog Refuses To Leave His Owners Coffin After The Shocking Earthquake In Italy

I will never get tired of saying that dogs really are a mens best friend and their loyalty goes beyond imaginable. The dog in this story is a Cocker Spaniel and is a living proof of what I just said.

The date of 24 August was horrific for the people living in center of Italy. They were hit by an earthquake that tragically killed 3000 people. A 45 year old men named Andrea Cossu was one of the unfortunate ones. He was on vacation in Pescara when the unthinkable happened.


The Spaniel did not had a chance to say goodbye to his owner, that is why he kept within a short reach with the casket. The familiars of Andrea said that they were indeed inseparable. The way the dog is acting after his lost is really heartbreaking. This is one of those cases where the photos say it all, there is no need for excess words.

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