Ever wondered how does a horse look in a suit? Well no need to wonder anymore…

Nowadays we see all sort of things out there in the world. I guess Internet has played a huge role in allowing us to find out what is happening all around the globe. All we need to do nowadays is google what we want to see, read, or hear and *bam* everything we just googled for is right in front of us. And with all that being said, we would like to introduce you a really rare/unusual horse. This horse is really special and lucky because he is the first horse to ever wear a real suit made for him. “Bookmakers William Hill commissioned the world’s first three-piece tweed suit for the animal to commemorate a horse racing’s Cheltenham Festival 2016, which takes place in England.”

A designer team spent almost a month to put together this customised suit for a race veteran Morestead. And from what I can see this horse looks rather gorgeous. 


What do you think?

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