This guilty dog won’t admit the crime she made. Her face is just priceless…

Dogs tend to act crazy at times. Well let’s just admit that dogs tend to act crazy almost every time they are left alone at home. If you have a dog then you already know it, but I am not sure whether you have seen a dog quite like this before. Her name is Daisy and she is a guilty dog who has committed a crime she won’t admit. It is true that she committed a crime because she tore apart a decoration from her owner’s wall. IT is also true that it is easily understandable that she committed the crime because let’s face it: That face says it all. But hey the poor canine will never admit her mistakes, and that is the cutest part of this story.
It all starts with her owner accusing her for something she did but won’t admit.

Daisy: “What are you doing? Get that off me because I will never tell you the truth.”


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