Hilarious pictures of cows sitting as if they were dogs… LOL

Do you guys want to see something hilarious today? Well why don’t you take a look at the following seven pictures of cows sitting like dogs. YEAP that is right, the following pictures will show you some really huge cows sitting as if they were dogs. To be honest with you, I have no idea how can these creatures sitt like dogs, but looks like they have an extra talent. The talent consists on the ability to manage all that body perfectly.
Think about it you guys, the heavier an animal is, the harder it is for it to move around, do tricks, or sit in perfectly comfortable positions. Or maybe that is just me and my bad perception because the following cows have definitely taught me that they, too, can sit as they wish. And for this post we have decided to share with you pictures of cows who look like dogs. I knows that some of you will say that this is normal for cows, but from my point of view they look like dogs in this sitting position. anywho you will judge the situation yourself.

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