Her Huskies Helped This Young Woman Overcome Depression And Smile At Life Again

It wonders me of how much good are dogs capable off. And all these just by being them selves and loving us unconditionally. This is the story of a young woman that suffered from clinical depression and clinical anxiety which included anxiety attacks or severe social anxiety. She describes taking care of  her two beautiful Huskies saved her.

Huskies are quite energetic as dogs, so they need to be active all the time. This includes going on long walks even twice a day, playing with them, go exploring, hiking.

And to be that kind of person that is able to do all these activities she had to force her self to go out of her shell.

The mornings where she would feel exhausted even after sleeping perfectly well during the night are countless. Having the Huskies has given her purpose to get up every morning.

No matter how badly she might want to spend the days lying in bed, are exactly these two dogs that make her get up and going.

The first Husky she got after her previous owner couldn’t have her anymore. At that time the woman was quite overweight and struggled with dark thoughts every day.

Getting her was difficult at times because of her destructive and stubborn nature. After many classes through the following months now she is an adorable dog with implacable behavior.

By being more outdoors, eating better and feeling generally much better inside she managed to lose 60 lbs without even making a real effort.

Than the second Husky came. He was the opposite of the first one. Much calmer by nature and more into his owners life and needs.

He learned her how to be more open and trustful towards new people.

And here is where all the adventures started…

They have also went on bikejoring, have done canicross. Even when they are not part of the race they are always there on the sidelines cheering her on louder than any other out there.

Their lives are filled with hiking, camping and endless adventures…

Seven years have gone by and these two dogs have done so much more for her than any other therapist or doctor was ever able to.

They have always been there on good and bad days, licking the tears off her face, offering comfort.

To show her appreciation to these two wonderful dogs…for saving her when no one else could, she made her first tattoo in their honor. Mountains and trees on her right shoulder…

That tattoo serves as a reminder of the place she was and where she is now, a reminder of the adventures they all did together and as memory of them when they will no longer be by her side.

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