It is terrible to see a wrecked Semi Truck, but when you see the driver….

Pet owners think of their pets as innocent, caring and loving creatures whose main occupation is to keep us company. We all love the fact to have dogs or cats that live with us, breathes with us, and enjoys life one day at a time with us. But I have to tell you all that not all pets are the same. While some pets are more committed to their family, others are more self-oriented and indifferent to basically everything around them. But that is not all. While most pets enjoy to ride around with their mommy and daddy, others enjoy to take the wheel on their hand, and go for it.
You will understand the reason why I said that “some pets enjoy to take the wheel on their hands and go for a ride themselves,” on the video below. But before we get to that allow me to give you a hint.

A couple of days ago a really unusual accident happened in a small town, Mankato in Minnesota. A yellow lab was seen in a semi truck that was involved in an unusual accident. The semi truck had crashed into a parked car in a parking lot, crushed a tree and got out of control. Luckily no one was hurt, but the story still remains unclear to the authorities. It is rather unusual to see a lab involved in a car accident, but maybe the dog got into the truck after everything happened. When asked about the situation, Daniel Schisel said: “In my career I have never had an accident reported like this.” he continued: I believe you, he was inside the Willson’s trailer, but I am not positive on that.” For more information you should watch the video below…

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