What kind of dog does your family need?

Deciding whether to get a dog or no is difficult. Deciding whether to get a dog or no in a family with children is such a struggle. I have decided to make it easier for you. This article will walk you through some important details you need to consider before deciding whether to get a dog or no, and if so, what kind of dog.
1- Age of your children (babies & toddlers)

If you have babies and toddlers you have to think carefully what kind of dog to get. In this case tiny, little dogs are a “threat” to your child. These tiny dogs are fragile, and super protective of themselves. The fact that they feel little in front of your babies makes this dog-baby relationship very complicated. It is difficult for them to perceive your child’s attitude in most cases, and they will attack, or bite.In general for a family with toddlers, and babies bigger dogs, are a wiser choice. Large dogs feel comfortable with babies, are playful, and do dot get hurt when accidentally stepped on or tripped over.

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