Learn 6 important jobs that dogs do everyday!

As people wake up every day to prepare for a busy day in school or work, there are a lot of dogs that get ready for work too! It may sound a little strange to think that some dogs go to work, but it is true! A lot of our fury friends wake up everyday to complete a mission they are up too. Learn 6 important jobs that dogs do everyday, and tell me what do you think of these adorable devoted animals!
1- Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are used to comfort people in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hospices, and even disaster areas. There is not a given dog breed that can be used as a therapy dog. The important thing is to have a good temperament, to be friendly, easygoing and loving towards others. The love they offer to those in need is priceless, and helps these people to have a happier life because their company decreases stress!

Therapy dogs

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